Do you get overwhelmed pretty easily with coffee and the lingo associated? Don’t worry. Us too. These days every man and his dog claim themselves to be “Coffee Connoisseurs” regardless of whether they love a good Blend 43 or only the coldest drop of cold brew.

We’re chatting with our Smartest Souls in the coffee game, Sam Taylor and Tristan Clarke to get the low down.

First things first, we hear A LOT about Single Origin Coffee. What even is it?

A Single Origin is a coffee that has been grown, processed, dried, and shipped from one location. It has then been roasted locally (in Australia) and not blended with other coffees before it is served or sold. Many coffee growers will often come together, possible traveling many kilometres to combine harvests. The coffees can also be different varieties or qualities; however, the coffee is still referred to as a Single Origin because it is grown or processed in a central location.

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What’s the best way to have a Single Origin Coffee?

There is no set rule. Some Single Origins will taste great with milk and others may be too acidic or too tart to enjoy with milk. Single Origins are mostly served as black coffee, either as espresso or filter coffee. This is because the coffee will have special flavours and tastes and you don’t want to hide/cover it up with milk. But on the flip side some Single Origins blend beautifully with milk.

What is a coffee blend?

A Coffee Blend is as it sounds. We blend multiple coffees from different origins to try and replicate a certain flavour and taste profile. The main reason blends exist is to create consistency all year round. Coffee is seasonal producing one yield per year. Blends often work well for Milk Based beverages because they can replicate flavours like Coca, Caramel or nuts.

Why are coffee blends more popular?

Because the Australian coffee market is mostly drunk as Milk Based Beverages its clear why Blends are the big winner, however in Australia and around the world, Single Origins are becoming more and more popular even for milk based drinks.

What’s your pick?

I love a Single Origin, or maybe a 2-3 Bean Blend. Keeps things exciting and new.