These days, it’s very unlikely you’d see a wrist which wasn’t sporting a fitness tracker of some sort. Heck, even your iPhone can count your steps these days! Everyone seems to rave on about getting their 10,000 steps. It’s a figure that’s been drilled into us for years, with good reason as well. Both the World Health Organisation and Australia’s National Heart Foundation both recommend this five digit figure to reduce our risk of disease.

10,000 steps is roughly eight kilometres, or 100 minutes walking depending on your stride and walking speed.

You’d be surprised (and probably a little disheartened) to hear the average office worker gets only 3,500 steps a day! That’s roughly a third of what’s recommended. Never fear, Soul Origin has got your back, we’ve got some easy ideas to help you reach your goal.

Aim to increase by 500.

If the goal of 10,000 looks a little daunting, ease yourself into it. Aim to add at least 500 steps each day. Once you’ve reached the 10,000 – aim to maintain it for a while, before looking at increasing again. Remember, the more steps – the better! Write the number you clock each day down, it’s a great way to stay motivated.

Enjoy your walk.

This might sound silly, but walking for the pure sake of walking is really enjoyable! Check out our favourite walks here. Mix it up and explore the suburb next to you. Even better, grab a coin and let that guide the way! Heads = Left & Tails = Right. Flip it each time you come to a corner. Now that it’s Spring time, it’s a glorious time of the year to head out and explore!

Get social.

Step away from the screen. Instead of calling the office floor below, take the stairs and speak in person. Or, instead making that overdue call to your mother-in-law, walk over to her house or even better, meet half way and talk & walk!


There’s lots of things that can be down whilst you’re up on your feet. Talking on the phone, listening to a podcast or even catching up on e-mails (safe location required) could all be great ways to make your walks productive. Obviously just don’t try to multitask whilst crossing a street, but have a think about how you can add walking into your current activities.

Walk Further.

Park a little further away or jump off the train or bus a stop earlier and walk the rest. Maybe you could walk to your closest Soul Origin instead of driving, then reward yourself with a coffee once you get there! You’ve deserved it 😉. When unloading grocery bags from the car or carrying laundry to the bedroom, it’s tempting to try to take as few trips as possible. Instead, try taking one more trip than you absolutely must.

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