Love a good cuppa and a sweet treat or two? So do we. Whilst trying to justify this indulgent little habit of ours, we came across the term FIKA. “Fika” is a concept originating from Swedish culture, defined as “having coffee, cake and a chit-chat.”

The logistics behind a good Fika are a little vague, the catch up might be a sneaky 5 minute burst, or it might be a few hours.

Want to know more? We’ve nutted out what’s required

It goes without saying, if you’re having a break, you’re probably having a coffee at the same time. Our Scandinavian friends are on the same page, and they should know, being the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. They tend to pick filter coffee, downing up to four cups in one sitting. But we’ll let your beverage choice slide, feel free to pick a piccolo latte or cappuccino… whatever floats your boat.

  • Good Food

Call us old fashioned, but we love the tradition of home baked goods. Nothing says ‘welcome’ like a plate of rustic looking cookies. You won’t find many processed cookies or packet mix cakes in Sweden, they do it like their mother taught them, served on the finest china. But we’re realists and recognise time is short and our tummies are grumbling. As much as we want to fly the homemade flag here, whether you got the goods out of a box, or bought it from a bakery, your secret is safe with us ;) .

  • Good Company

It’s not uncommon to have two Fika’s a day. So clearly, you’ll want to have good company nearby to enjoy it. Whether you choose friends, family or co-workers to share your precious downtime with, we know it’s worth it. The Swedish always make time for a Fika, you shouldn’t have to book the catch up four weeks in advance, battle tight calendar appointments or make a Facebook event for the darn thing.

Genuine interaction and a break away from social media aids increased creativity and productivity, whilst also allowing existing acquaintances to be deepened and new connections to be made. Ultimately, we’re all for a Fika. You can meet us for coffee and cake any time of the day.