We chat with our nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen about the six ingredients everyone needs in their pantry. 

If you’re anything like the guys and gals at Soul Origin, you’re always muttering “I promise I’ll bring my lunch more next week.” But then by the time the weekend kicks in, you’re too busy running errands and keeping the in-laws happy to even entertain the thought of a proper grocery shop. So today, we’re sitting down with Lyndi to find out how to best prep the pantry.


Her top tip: “Simply fill your shelves with loads of healthy ingredients. That way, when you get hungry, you’ll naturally fill up on the good stuff and won’t even need to rely on your willpower to help you make healthier choices. Keeping healthy ingredients in your pantry (or even desk drawer!) is a seriously simple strategy to help you supercharge your diet.”

So, what’s on the list?

1.      Unsalted almonds

These nutrient-packed nuts are loaded with fibre, plant-based protein and healthy fats to help you feel more energised for longer.  They also have the longest shelf-life of all nuts and tend to be more affordable. Have a healthy handful as a snack or toast lightly and add to a salad for more crunch and nutrients.

 2.      Dried chickpeas

Chickpea are the perfect ingredient to throw into most casseroles, soups and slow-cooked meals helping you stay fuller for longer and stretch your money further. They are a great source of fibre for a healthier gut and their slow release of energy may help keep your mood for stable. #winning!

 3.      Dried herbs and spices

It’s worth investing in a decent collection of herbs and spices. Ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon, za’atar, chilli flakes, cumin, coriander and harissa powder quickly add more flavour to your meals with fewer calories. Not sure how to add herbs and spices? Start by experiments and adding to your salad dressing, tossing over your vegetables before roasting or throwing into your soup mix.

 4.      Quinoa

This whole grain is worth the hype! Quinoa is really satiating due to higher fibre and protein content and ideal for those needing a gluten-free alternative. To eat healthier during the week, meal prep quinoa on a Sunday to add to weekly meals. To add more flavour to your quinoa, cook using vegetable broth instead of water, add in fresh chopped herbs, throw in your favourite spices and some toasted nuts or seeds.

 5.      Tinned Tomatoes

Loaded with disease-preventing Lycopene, tinned tomatoes are a seriously convenient and healthy pantry staple. Keep two tins of tomatoes in your pantry for an easy-to-make tomato pasta sauce or add to soups or slow-cooked meals. Choose no-added sodium options to help look after your heart-health. Aim to buy Australian grown options with only 1-2 ingredients.

 6.      Oats

Loaded with fibre, oats are an affordable whole grain and healthy pantry staple to keep in your kitchen. It is a great healthier ingredient to add to your baking for more nutrients. Buy steel-cuts oats for longer lasting energy and eat for a healthy breakfast or add to home-cooked baked goods for more fibre.

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