It’s spring racing season and the race that stops the nation is looming fast! For some, this epic 3 minute dash is call for a boozy day trackside, an overpriced dress and neck-breaking head accessories. For other’s it’s simply an excuse to get away from the desk for 10 minutes.
Enter Soul Origin, we’re here to add a bit of pizazz to the Melbourne Cup plans! Melb Cup is a great excuse to catch up with work colleagues, friends, family or maybe all at once. Here’s the fool-proof plan for success.

1. Invite the party animals.
It’s time to whip out your graphic design skills and make the fanciest invite you can on paint. Failing that, send a calendar invite, but we all know hand-made (or computer made) makes it 10 x more exciting.
Tell everyone it’s mandatory. Clear the calendar – no meetings between 2pm and 3:30pm!

2. Order Catering 
It goes without saying, there’s no party like a well-catered party. So, order a smorgasbord of salads, a pile of paninis and a few sweet treats to keep everyone happy.
Tell everyone to let you know if they are vegetarian/gluten free/paleo or all of the above. You don’t want to be the awkward person who force-fed the celiac bread now, do you?
Soul Origin has options to cater for all dietary preferences, check out our allergens brochure to make sure you cover all bases.
3. Dress to impress
Make sure everyone dresses the part, the more colour the better. You know what we’re talking about – fascinators, bright dresses and funky ties. A novelty bow tie wouldn’t be frowned upon either 😉

4. Sweepstakes 
Everyone’s keen to place a bet and try their luck. Run a small sweepstakes the morning of and have a little bit of fun with it. Don’t forget a booby prize for last place! 
If you have more than 24 people around, why not run dual sweeps for different entry fees? The higher the entry price, the higher the win!
Save this link. You’ll get a printable document once the final field is decided on November 4th.

5. Watch the race 
Gather the troops and convert the meeting room to a cinema – put it on the big screen. This only happens once a year, remember?
Dish out the winnings and thank everyone for turning up (and eating all the tasty food!)
Keep the afternoon free and laid back, if everyone’s having a good time, just roll with it and enjoy.
You heard it from us, all other work can be attended to on Wednesday 😉