Social Season has hit and regardless of how hard you’ve tried to avoid it, we’re guessing you’ve been roped into co-hosting at least one summer soiree.

Christmas lunches look different to everyone. Whether it’s a hot roast chook, greasy barbecue or an elaborate fresh seafood display we all do it differently. But, lets’ be honest, once you tackle the gift shopping, Santa photos and get a sneaky kiss under the mistletoe, there’s hardly anytime for cooking!  Luckily, Soul Origin has a heap of catering options to every occasion under the sun. There’s no better time to share some of your favourites this silly season.

Our catering options cover breakfast, bread items, snacks & drinks. We’ve looked into the salad spread to ensure we nailed the perfect pairings for your December feast! Our catering salads come in 3 different sizes.

SMALL – Choose 1 salad, serves 4-5.

MEDIUM – Choose up to 2 salads, serves 6-8.

LARGE – Choose up to 3 salads, serves 10-12.

Hot Roast Chook?

Serving a hearty roast chicken, (or turkey!) is a timeless classic. If you’re dishing up poultry, we recommend you opt for an order of our Pumpkin Couscous (chicken and pumpkin pair so well!) and Roast Veg (always goes well with chicken). This meal is a great source of lean protein and it’s backed up with anti-oxidant packed veg, plus it’s loaded with fibre to help curb cravings and feel fuller for longer.

Heating up the barbie?

If you’re getting out the gas and whacking on some snags, steak and sauce, we’d turn to the favourite Greek Salad, to add some colour and tomatoes are good for heart health, balancing out some of those fatty meats and our Brown Rice to fill up on those satiating wholegrains. These two traditional options pair well with meat, creating a balanced meal loaded with nutrients.

Serving Seafood?

If you are one of the wild ones who lines up at the crack of dawn to get the freshest fare, we’ve for the perfect pairs to prawns and crustacean! We’d suggest the fresh, grainy Pomegranate & Quinoa, it’s a low-fat pick with slow burning ancient grains. Side this salad with our Beetroot, not only is the colour of our Beetroot salad amazing, beetroot contains flavonoid anthocyanin (great for heart health), an ideal combo for the person watching their weight and heart health.

Want to make sure you cater for everyone? Check out our allergens info before you order

Okay, I’m ready to order!

*We may or may not have drooled a little (or a lot) when writing about this scrumptious spread.