Coffee is no laughing matter, it’s a morning ritual most of us enjoy. But have you ever wondered how we ensure our coffee is top-notch?

Today, we’re chatting with Sam Taylor, Sam is our National Barista Trainer. Sam has a pretty good gig – he gets to travel the country, visiting our stores to ensure our baristas make your morning coffee with Tender Lovin’ Care.

How do you order your coffee?

I enjoy experiencing coffee in many forms but usually find that black coffee is the greatest vehicle for flavour available.

 When did you fall in love with coffee?

I fell in love with coffee when I started working at 19, I was first working in restaurants which led me to land my first café gig.

What’s the best perk of your job?

I’m able to share my passion with people every day who, like me are working towards making better coffee for more people – plus I get to drink awesome coffee all day!

 What’s the secret to the perfect cup of coffee?

It sounds ironic but coffee needs to be made with a bit of love and a bit of care, you have to first respect the ingredients that you are working with and then learn how to get the best out of them.

 What makes the Australian coffee culture so unique?

In the past decade or so the coffee industry in Australia has grown in a huge way, we are lucky to have so many wonderful world respected coffee professionals across our great country. I think the Australian desire is to get amongst the action and be the best at things, that innate competitiveness is partly what drives individuals across the industry to be better every day.

 Any blogs you’d recommend on quality coffee or café culture?

There are so many resources available now to baristas and industry professionals, there are a heap of blogs that are a great source of regular and new information. Respected coffee professionals such as Matt Perger, James Hoffman , Scott Rao are just a few who regularly post research findings and innovations online.