It can be confusing but coffee is actually healthy. Word on the street is your daily coffee is loaded with antioxidants and is linked with several health benefits, so we thought we’d check in with Lyndi Cohen, our expert nutritionist to give us the 411. These are her top benefits from this beautiful morning ritual.


Coffee can help you lose weight

Caffeine has an appetite suppressing effect, which reduces hunger – whilst giving you more energy to exercise!

Coffee helps you concentrate

Caffeine is quickly absorbed so aim to have coffee about 30 minutes before your workout or first meeting in the morning.

You could save some money!

Soul Origin is part of Responsible Cafes. Bring in your reusable cup and you’ll save on each cup of coffee. Just another benefit of grabbing your morning coffee…

Coffee can boost your brain health

Including coffee into your diet has been linked with lower risk of developing Alzheimers. Many studies show that caffeine can improve a whole range of brain functions including memory, mood, reaction times and general cognition.

Caffeine aids your morning workout

If you workout in the morning, then having a coffee before exercising may help you lift heavier weights, do more reps or run faster. Plenty of studies suggest having caffeine half an hour before a workout can improve performance and energy levels through exercise.

Coffee increases your energy

This may sound obvious, but coffee helps you feel less tired and boost energy levels thanks to the stimulant caffeine. In response to caffeine, your body releases neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and dopamine helping your brain to fire neurons.

Coffee helps you commit and get work done

Coffee can help you focus on the task at hand whether that is finishing a project or helping you commit to your workout. Just be careful as drinking too much caffeine (each person has a different tolerance amount) can make you irritable, edgy and anxious so stick to what works for you.

Coffee reduces your risk of disease

Want to live a longer, happier life? Coffee may help. Studies show people who drink coffee have a lower risk of many major diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Coffee tastes great

But you knew that already. We really love our coffee at Soul Origin, which is why we use single origin coffee and have proudly partnered with St Ali. Coffee. Our baristas take coffee really seriously.