We’ve done the hard work to bring you the top nutrition advice from around the globe. You’re welcome!

1. Do grocery shopping along the outer aisles
All the fresh foods tend to be sold along the edges of the grocery shop. To save your willpower, skip the middle aisles all together and load your trolley with plenty of fresh, whole foods.

2. Wait an hour before giving into cravings
We don’t believe you have to deprive yourself of your favourite foods to be healthy! That’s why we love the one-hour trick. Next time you get a sweet craving, try waiting an hour before giving in. If you still feel like a sweet treat (like maybe a Salted Chocolate Cookie?) after an hour, go for it! But by simply creating this small gap, you’ll notice that often the craving subsides.

3. Add, don’t subtract
When you focus on what you’re not allowed to eat, you’ll start to crave those forbidden foods more! So instead, we suggest you focus on trying to add more of the good stuff into your diet like fresh salads and sandwiches. Naturally, you’ll fill up on plenty of nutrients and you’ll crowd out the other stuff without needing to rely on willpower.

4. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry
Even those with the strongest willpower will end up making impulse purchases when hungry. Check your hunger levels before you shop and refuel with a healthy option in the food court when you need to. Make sure to stock up on all the pantry essentials.

5. Don’t watch TV and eat at the same time
When have a snack in front of the screen, including your computer, you’re programing your brain to associate screen time with eating. Soon, you’ll start to get hungry the second you switch on the Kardashians. This can be a hard habit to break, but you can prevent mindless over eating by stepping away from your desk or couch when you eat.

6. Check for simple ingredients you recognise
Nutrition information panels are hard to read and often don’t give you the full picture. Skip the confusion and read the ingredients list instead. Pick foods with shorter ingredients lists that you understand.

7. Make healthy food taste good
Healthy eating shouldn’t be tasteless of boring! If you’re trying to stick with your healthy intentions for the long term, you need to choose foods that you want to eat. That means it’s ok to have a bit of feta cheese, seeds or avocado in your salad. Including these healthy ingredients in your food makes healthy eating so much more enjoyable so you’ll be less likely to fall off the bandwagon and into a bowl of chips.

8. Make sleep a priority
Burning the candle at both ends will leave you irritable, unmotivated and hungry. When you’re sleep deprived, you’ll be less likely to want to exercise and you’ll be vulnerable to 3pm sugar cravings due to hormonal imbalances. Prioritise sleep and your nutrition game (and mood) will benefit.

9. Have a glass of water before each meal
If you struggle to drink enough H20, this is an especially handy tip. Having a glass of water before a meal including breakfast, lunch and dinner is a habit that can speed up your metabolism, prevent over eating due to thirst and help you reach your daily water quota.

10. Eat mindfully
When you’re zoned into a TV show, your work or social media, you’re tuned out of what you’re eating. Mindful eating can help you feed your body with key nutrients, prevent over eating and help you build a healthier relationship with food. When you eat mindfully, you also tend to make food choices that benefit your body – and the environment.