For most of us, ordering coffee of a morning is second nature. It’s not something you’d think too much about. But have you ever wondered if your pick reflects your persona? Here’s what your order says about you:

Café Latte 

Latte drinkers aren’t easily described. You like a hot strong coffee, with just a modicum a frothed milk. You’re simple, polite and well rounded. You’re that type of person who stops people on their morning walk to pat their dog and say hello. You visit your mum on a regular basis and she loves you for it. All up, you’re a pretty ace person.

Flat White 

If you’re a flat white drinker, you’re probably a purist – living life with a meticulously planned routine. You know what you like and when you’ll be getting it. You still have flashbacks to that nightmare incident in ’07 when we mixed up the order and gave a soy latte with +1. It goes without saying, the idea of anything spontaneous or unplanned gives you the heebie jeebies.


Cap drinkers like the finer details, you might smugly comment on the level of froth at the top or whether the barista nailed the art of chocolate sprinkles. You didn’t hear it from us, but we think you’d probably pick an Espresso Martini as your weapon of choice for the Saturday night dancefloor. Since you choose the caffeine hit covered in choc, you’ve probably got a pretty sweet sweettooth… and a sweet boogie 😉

Long Black 

You’re a serious kid. People once thought Long Blacks were purely for men, but we’re bucking that trend. Long Black drinkers tend to be the last to leave the office, as this is often a pretense of hard work, but who are you kidding, we both know you spent a long time this morning scrolling memes and searching cat videos.

Short Black 

You’re up early and probably haven’t slept properly since the late 90’s. Don’t take this personally, but we suspect you’re a little all over the place, with roughly five pending DIY jobs in the garage. But let’s not paint you in a negative light, now. You’re ambitious and always jump at the chance to help anyone.


You like adding in emojis to text messages like no tomorrow, the kissy face is probably on hot rotation. You probably ordered the blueberry muffin with your caffeine fix, and made the “its healthy because of the fruit” joke. You’re the life of the party and your phone is abuzz with tinder notifications as we speak.

Piccolo Latte

Piccolo drinkers are little pocket rockets, who don’t have time for a full 200mLs of milk. You’re a go-getter juggling 100 things at once, who probably drank this whilst talking on the phone and still in activewear. Oh, and whilst we’re dishing up the stereotype, you probably ordered an acai bowl for breakfast.

Caramel Latte 

You claim you are a coffee connoisseur, but we all know that’s just a façade. You wear a suit but probably have some vibrant socks beneath those freshly dry cleaned slacks. People might snigger at your order, but stay true to yourself – you like it sickly sweet and no one can take that away from you.

Chai Latte

We love a good chai, mainly since it reminds us of a doughnut. This definitely isn’t a coffee, so who knows why it’s on this list. But we hate exclusion here at Soul Origin, so please feel included. Chai Latte drinkers are already running high on endorphins, so they don’t need the caffeine hit. The only downside of this is they’re probably often talking about other strenuous morning workout… YAWN.

Whatever you choose to drink, our friendly baristas love seeing your face in store and are happy to cater to all weird and wonderful beverage requests (within reason).