Christmas is almost on the door step and if you’re anything like us, you haven’t quite finished the present shopping (or even started…. shhh!) Never fear, we’re here to hold you hand and explain why a coffee machine is a no-brainer. If you didn’t already know, we take coffee pretty darn seriously at Soul Origin. We’re chatting with our national barista trainers Sam and Tristan to get the 411.

Why should we give a coffee machine this Christmas?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. An espresso machine can be an exciting introduction to home brewing. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, dialing in that first espresso and spinning the milk for your weekend flat white is a fun exercise.

That being said, to maximise the potential of your home espresso we need to look away from the machine, and to it’s key accessories. Coffee Grinders can actually be what makes or breaks your home espresso, look for machines with a quality grinder. Pre-ground beans go stale very quickly and make it impossible to brew a tasty espresso.

You can buy Soul Origin’s signature blend in store by the bag. It’s the perfect stuffing stuffer.

What machine should we look at?

The Sunbeam café series machines go for roughly $700 and are one of your best options for under $1000. They have the capability to brew espresso and steam milk at the same time. Look for one with a built-in grinder too, almost 0 grind retention.

If you’re keen to dive deeper, (like, $4500 deep!) dishing out for a La Marzocco Mini is money well spent, all of the comfort of a full commercial machine in a neat little unit. We’re talking some seriously amazing home espresso.

Unsure if you’re a full-blown coffee connoisseur? Look for a Sunbream or Breville unit around the $150 – $300 price mark. You can still get a good coffee, just gotta learn how to get the best out of them.

What beans should we purchase?

When buying coffee for friends or family, we need to first ask, how do they drink there coffee? If they like a milky coffee, look for a Blend. Our Soul Origin signature blend has tasting notes of toffee and milk chocolate – goes down a treat! Find it at your closest store!

If they prefer to drink coffee black, perhaps steer away from a blend, look for beans from single origin. The roaster will often try to show off a particular natural flavour within the coffee, tasting notes of Red Berry’s, Stone fruits or Tea Aromatics, can make for an amazing espresso.

Remember, fresh is always best so buy in smaller quantities often.

Are these fancy things hard to clean?

It’s not hard, but you will get out what you put in (Aka – a little TLC won’t go astray!) There’s no such thing as overcleaning.

And finally, tips to make a killer coffee?

Learning how to get the best out of your machine is key – no matter how much the machine costs they’ll always have a best practice way to be used. Being flexible enough to understand that and not just apply the same brew theory to every machine is important. Using fresh coffee, scales and learning to control variables such as dose, particle size, time and yield will set you on the way to more consistent delicious coffee.


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Oh, and also, in case you were wondering, yes – coffee is healthy.