Valentine’s Day is creeping back up, it’s almost knocking on our doorstep. Most singles cringe the dreaded February 14th, Couples ain’t that keen on it either, more presents, more money and another soppy lovey dovey card? It’s not for everyone. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t cold hearted at Soul Origin, far from it. However, instead of turning to our partners for a kiss and cuddle, we’re ACTUALLY reaching for a cup of coffee. Here’s why…

Coffee makes the world a better place.

We’ve talked about the health benefits of coffee before, but the perks go far beyond that. Coffee is a comforting morning pick me up, a reliable shoulder to cry on. Coffee even gives you an excuse to eat cake.

Finding a man who’s happy to share food with you? Now that’s a rare find.

Hot and steamy, or cool and collected. Take your pick.

Coffee is flexible and accommodating. Coffee won’t always be all hot and heavy for you. Too hot? Let is sit for a minute, make it wait, you’re in control of this relationship. Remember? OR is it being a little cold and emotional? Chuck it out. Life’s too short for a crappy cup of coffee, or a crap relationship for that matter. Can’t decide what you want, HELL! Make two cups; one hot, one cold. Play two at the same time, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Coffee will never break your heart.

How may songs has Taylor Swift written about coffee? None. Zilch. Nada.

Coffee is always within arm’s reach.

Now, if we said that about your boyfriend, you’d probably cringe. But with coffee, it is almost comforting to know. Peace of mind. You can make an instant (albeit mediocre) cuppa in less than 5, or pop out for a superior slurp in just over 10. You see – coffee is reliable and will always make itself available, but never stepping on anyone’s toes or taking it too far.

Coffee won’t stand you up, swipe left on you or call 10 times in a row. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Coffee isn’t scared of commitment.

Heck! Far from it. Coffee will probably jump at the idea and offer you a Soul Origin coffee loyalty card. Free Coffee? Now you’re talking!

It’s a hit with both parents (and the in-laws!)

Having your partner meet the family for the first time is often a horrible experience. Awkward silences, forced handshakes and an inappropriate comment made by Nan probably all unavoidable. On the flip side, you can’t go wrong with a little caffeine. Your parents probably introduced you the coffee before you even knew you wanted it.

Parents which love your partner before you’ve even met? That’s unheard of.

Clearly, Coffee is the superior choice this Valentines Day. Pop in store and give a little love to yourself, as we said above, coffee goes awfully well with cake, or a brownie. But hey, no pressure 😉